Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY: Eau Micellaire (Micellar water)!


Micellar waters have spread worldwide, almost every brand produce its version. It is a delicate make up remover and cleanser which was created to remove dirt without 'threatening' the skin balance and hydration. What if I told you that you might create your own one at home easily and quickly? Believe me, another lazy-proof DIY! 
All you need is: 
- demineralized water (the one you pour in the iron) 
- a cosmetic actif called 'Concentré micellaire' (INCI: aqua,sodium lactate,sodium PCA,mannitol,lecithin,sodium cocoyl glutamate)
- preservative. 
The main thing to know is that this recipe will cost less than 3$ for 100 ml, isn't it an ecological deal?! :)   

Here is my quick and detailed recipe: 
- 90 ml of demineralized water 
- 10 ml of 'concentré micellaire' 
- 20 drops of Cosgard  

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