Monday, February 13, 2012

NeveCosmetics Pastelli (eye pencils) Swatches

Here I'm gonna introduce the new NeveCosmetics 'Pastelli', a collection of 10 eye pencils that are claimed to be multitasking, plus moisturising, versatile, eco-friendly, vegan hence cruelty-free. You can apply them as a base, an eyeliner, a kohl, to create smokey eyes or natural looks (like every eye pencil on the market could potencially). I've not had much time to try them but I might already give you an overview of these natural eye pencils.  

Price: 4.80€ each or 38€ the whole collection (just for these days) 

- really lovely smooth consistency that makes it easy to apply 
- easy to smudge 
- 100% natural formula (hence great for sensitive eyes) 
- relatively low cost

- as kohl pencils they don't have enough staying power 
- the black one is more like a dark grey or smokey black 

Although I like some more than others I could publish for you a general rating to give you an idea: 

QUALITY: 8/10 
COST: 8/10 
WOULD I PURCHASE THEM AGAIN? Surely the teal, bronze, beige, taupe, brown and purple shades. Maybe the white and gold ones. No, I wouldn't repurchase the black and the lilac one.  

Here are the swatches: 

1- Melanzana/Purple (dark purple with a lovely light purple shimmer) 
2- Pioggia/Taupe (matte taupe) 
3- Ebano/Brown (matte dark brown) 
4- Liquirizia/Black (matte dark grey or light black as you prefer ;) 
5- Piuma/White (matte white) 
6- Avorio/Beige (satin cream) 
7- Cedrata/Gold (shimmery gold with green undertone, similar to ELF golden cream eyeliner
8- Caramello/Bronze (shimmery bronzy coppery shade) 
9- Confetto/Lilac (matte dusty lavender) 
10- Bosco/Teal (matte peacock) 

I hope it was helpful! Let me know if you need more information. 
(*_*) Bye 

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