Thursday, February 16, 2012

Testing Pastelli Nevecosmetics (make up)


Hello sweeties! Today I've realized two make ups to show you the colors and the pay-off of the eye pencils I talked about in my latest post. As you can see I've decided to save time by making up my eyes in two different ways just using the 'Pastelli'. To fulfill my eyebrows I've used Taupe (right shade tough I wouldn't recommend to use it for this purpose because it's too creamy) and to highlight under my brows I used Beige (a really nice option, it gives a subtle glow).

On the right eye I've used Teal and Gold on the upper lid, then Brown to create a deeper crease and Bronze on the inner rim (it lasts a really short time unfortunately). 

On the left one I've used Purple and Lilac on the upper lid, Black to create a deeper crease and again Bronze on the inner rim. 

I really feel like recommending my favorite ones, which are Melanzana/Purple, Caramello/Bronze, Avorio/Beige and Bosco/Teal...
See You Soon My Dears! 

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