Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Natural Remedy against menstrual pain: Tarragon (Artemisia Dracunculus)

If you suffer from dysmenorrhea like I unfortunately do 5 days each month, then you'll probably be interested in what I'm gonna tell you, I'm so satisfied with this discover. 
I've always been used to take painkillers during those days, otherwise I'd have had big issues for dealing with my everyday life, no joke, and I know there are millions of women that have to go through the same as me. Accordingly if I can just reach a couple of them and reveal my finding I'll be so happy :) 
What's Tarragon? 

It is a plant, especially known and used as an aromatic culinary herb, with its typical anise taste and smelling. I personally have never used it in kitchen, but some months ago I discovered the essential oil on Aroma-Zone, and decided to give it a try. Well done! ^-^ 
Here I'll share with you the recipe of the gel that I apply twice a day starting 2 days before the menstruation until the end of it. In my case, it works, I don't need anymore painkillers, so at least give it a try!  

- aloe vera gel (50 grams) 
- tarragon essential oil (50 drops)  
Mix it well and apply with a circular 1-minute massage 
in the morning and at night, that easy. 

NOTE: since this is not an analgesic medicine, it won't do much if you apply it when you are already suffering from the pain. You must be constant and this little guy will make the miracle! (: 


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