Monday, April 15, 2013

Malaysian Coconut Eau de Toilette by Yves Rocher

Lately I've been congratulated for my perfume: 'You smell delicious!' I've been said. Wow. I gotta thank Yves Rocher then, for their Malaysian Coconut Eau de Toilette
I have to recognize I almost never appreciate alcoholic perfumes, because they result in annoying strong scents, they simply bother me. But sometimes, like in this case, after the noticeable 3-minutes-long alcoholic cloud, you'll be covered by a delicious sweet scent. It is clearly a chemical scent, nothing too similar to real coconut, but it pleasantly works.  

So what is this Eau de Toilette's scent like? To me it smells more of a sweet vanilla-coconut icecream rather than a voluptuous exotic sensual kinda perfume, but it's nice. One of those easy scents, nothing too complicated or sophisticated, just a simple sugary slightly sensual perfume. 
Since it is alcoholic, I don't spray it directly on my skin, I do it on my clothes, I just prefer this way of applying it. 
I've had the possibility to try a good range of YR's fragrances and they have almost never disappointed me, they are simply well done :) 
Long ago I talked about my that time's favorite perfume, which is still in my top list! 

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