Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sahasrara: the Seventh Chakra

Sahasrara, the seventh chakra, is located at the crown of the head. It rules the brain, the nervous system and the right eye, moreover it represents our relations with the Divine Father. It symbolizes the stage in our life when we are self-realized, besides when most people on the Earth open their crown chakra and activate their Third Eye, the collective consciousness will reach the fifth dimension. 

COLOR: violet, the highest color on our physical perceptual light spectrum. 
ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS: - Capricorn, which rules inner viewing and concentration 
                                 - Pisces, which rules dissolution of limits and oneness with all that is. 
SENSE: multidimensional and extrasensory senses. 
MANTRA: 'aum' or 'ee'. 
NUMBER: Sahasrara is known as the Thousand Petal Lotus. 
ELEMENT: Cosmic Energy, which feels like an ultimate intelligence and a sense of all knowing. 
GLAND: pineal gland, our gateway to multidimensional awareness.  

When Sahasrara is clear, we can receive cosmic energy to initiate the development of Galactic collective consciousness and perceive the Cosmic Love and all-knowing of our fifth dimensional self. 
When Sahasrara is unclear, we may suffer from depression, worry, anxiety, closed-mindedness, headaches, cerebral tumors, sleep and mental disorders.  

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