Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blog Zéro Carbone!

Here I am again participating to an initiative with a tiny gesture for a big cause. You can make your blog carbon neutral by compensating its carbon footprint with a tree planted in France, Germany or USA. You don't have to do anything, 'Les pépinières Naudet' will do it for you, just let them know you want to adhere to the initiative. 
You maybe believe your blog can't cause any CO2 emission, well you are nicely wrong! According to a study conducted by the physicist Alexander Wissner-Gross, surfing a webpage produces around 2mg of CO2. That said, if we consider a medium-traffic blog with around 15000 page views per month, it will cause the emission of 3.6 kg of CO2 in one year. 
Considering that an average tree absorbs at least 5 Kg of CO2 per year, you might have already come to the right conclusions: this act will completely neutralize your webpage's carbon emissions at zero cost for you. 
Remember that small changes will make the big change possible! 


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