Monday, September 9, 2013

Perfume: nothing more.

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What's a Perfume?... The only essential accessory a woman should never forget to wear, the passport to immortality. 
Even if nowadays the most used and abused sense is sight, the sense of smell has still an unconsciously fundamental role in everyday life. 
We are naturally attracted by some odours and rejected by others, hence we are unconsciously appealed by some people and repelled by others. 
That so called chemistry between two lovers is actually much about personal smells. With today's standardization of scents and appearence, we tend to look alike, our senses are fooled by modern and synthetic covers which hide our true self and tend to smooth out differences (could this be one of the reason for growing promiscuity and lack of fidelity?Not the best spot to discuss about it anyway). 

So why should you spend a lot of money for a perfume that won't make you special and unique, which instead will homologate you? That fragrance will just help to neutralize your uniqueness, covering your natural fragrance with a complicated genially created industrial perfume. 
Remember, when you buy your favorite top seller scent, you are only paying 1-3% for the fragrance itself, the remaining being for the nice bottle and the huge marketing campaign behind it. Is it worthwhile? 
Through the years I've developped a slight allergy to synthetic perfumes, I practically start to sneeze whenever I spray them on, so I've been looking for alternatives, for not having to give up to a daily fragrance. That's when I discovered the huge and fancy world of real natural scents, lively notes to give a renewed spark to my day! I started by Crystallized Essences (easy to carry, pretty powerful scents, not so comfortable to apply though) and walked through perfumed waters. I've recently discovered ready-to-use natural scents and absolutes to be used to create your own personalized fragrance, now I'm in seventh heaven :)

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Down here I'll show you my picks (my wishlist for the weeks to come!): 
- Jasmine Absolute ( fresh delicate floral scent) 
- Pure Iris CO2 Extract ( adds a powdery floral note) 
- Ready-to-use cosmetic fragrances in 'Petales de rose' and 'Lilas Blanc'. 

How to use them? 
They are soluble in alcohol or in oils and butters, so you might prepare a traditional alcoholic scent, a roll on oily perfume or a solid one! DIY tutorials coming up soon :)

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