Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Admiration: grown up Envy?

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'The wicked envy and hate. 
It is their way of admiring.' 
Victor Hugo.

'Envy', or 'Invidia' in Latin means 'non-sight', actually it causes people not to see and consequently appreciate who they are and what they have. 
In every religion it is depicted as one of the worst emotions, because it causes sadness and destruction. It is such an integral part of our market society and, though it plays a remarkable negative role in contemporary human lives, it's hard to fully recognize and understand. 

I believe Envy is an irrational trivial instinct which is extremely harmful for the correct functioning of society and the well being of every single man. It is such a vicious emotion that leads people to be concerned about getting wealth or honor and unable to stand others' excellence. Yes, because when a person feels envy for someone, he/she not only wants to be like the envied person, but also would be glad and satisfied if that person lost his/her status (or whatever arises envy). 
It shows up to be an insatiable desire of being who you aren't and having what you don't own, an irrepressible wish to deprive others of their good fortune even if rationally speaking others' luck doesn't detract from your own. We are talking about an impulse, a deadly sin deeply engraved in human nature that arises from emptiness and leads nowhere, eventually causing sorrow and distress in the person who is afflicted by it. 
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Let's face facts: who hasn't ever felt envious about someone in his/her life? You all know well what I'm talking about, you thought it was stupid but still felt that black magic taking over your rationality and overwhelm you completely. That's envy, a dramatic plague that moves people to be dumb. Next time you unconsciously envy that colleague who has been promoted to an higher position, please don't stupidly wonder why him and not you, don't foolishly believe he has been more lucky or had the right connections and acquaintances to make the jump. This way you are only being passive and preventing you from being the next lucky one, you are the one who's blocking any good event in your life. Instead try to think how he has been able to do that, leaving malice and malignity apart, try to be glad for him and take him as an example. It's not easy but it is worth to give a try. If you manage to remove envy from your life and perhaps from your vocabulary, you'll feel tremendously more self confident, powerful and grateful for who you are and what you do to improve yourself and your life day after day. Remember that a person's aim in life is trying to be his best, don't fall in the trap of comparisons and competitions because everyone might lose sometimes, since there are always people who are relatively more (something...) and have more. Try to engage yourself in your personal growth by looking inside first and then by admiring who you initially irrationally considered lucky. Luck is just a state of mind, try to reach your balance and you'll be able to see the results! 

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