Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Neve Cosmetics Beauty Farm

Beauty Farm by Nevecosmetics is a 2 in 1 product, created to be a make up remover and a beauty mask. 
I usually prepare my make up remover by mixing a vegetal oil with a hydrolat or simple water, then adding the preservative since it's meant to last for weeks. This time though I felt the exigence to change :D and opted for this cheap big (150ml) vegan guy. 
When it comes to removing make up from the delicate eye area, it's always preferable to use thick balms or creams that help removing it more easily and without having to rub much. 

It works perfectly, I would recommend it with high notes if it wasn't for the reaction it causes to my skin. 
Yes, again -.-' 
It caused break outs and I found myself with whiteheads on my temples. Holy patience! 
Like always, in these cases I try to find out the criminal and solve the case. Here are the suspects: 
- Cetearyl alcohol and Stearic Acid (emulsifiers)
- Sweet Almond Oil 
- Fragrance (it's considered a potential irritant). 

Let me underline that this is my personal case, it doesn't mean everyone has a bad relation with these components. Remember that every skin might have reactions to whatever ingredient, so it's up to you analyzing your skin and listen to her :) 
I found on the web a list of POTENTIALLY comedogenic ingredients most found in cosmetics, so you might want to take a look at it and monitor your tolerance to them, I consider it pretty useful. 

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