Monday, March 17, 2014

Lush Big Guy!

Big has been out for years already, but I've never talked about it before, I wonder why. Lately I've not been using many Lush products because they have raised their prices too much and I think most of them are not worth it. 
Lush claims to be ethically and environmentally active, but some of their 'formulas' are questionable from this point of view. For example the choice of Sodium Laureth Sulfate as the main detergent is not such a safe, green and environmentally friendly choice. But let's come to the review. 

When you open the pot you'll instantly get to your favorite summer resort, yes that beautiful sandy beach you've been dreaming all winter long :) 
It smells fresh, zesty, salty, sandy, summery, beachy...have I been clear enough? :) 

What's my opinion about this Shampoo? 
This is the emblem product by Lush, it represents their symbol: a mixture of badly chosen ingredients (not even green) sold at high prices and rendered desirable to the mass by huge marketing campaigns and idyllic descriptions. I am probably being too harsh, but brands like Lush just drive me furious. How can a natural brand compose cosmetics by using Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Cocamide DEA (a toxic foaming agent)? It would be like a claimed Vegan Chef who uses Camembert and caviar in its creations disguising them with tofu and poetic seeds. Ridiculous and unethical. 
Putting aside the moral discourse, let's see if at least this product is good. 
The smell is wonderful as I said and I enjoy this unusual consistency. After washing your hair, you'll see it really shiny and voluminous, but this is just the immediate effect of lemon and salt. After the first use, you'll see it drying out because of the harsh formula, which combines Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Salt and Cocamide Dea. Not the best mix tu use as a Shampoo. I personally use it once or twice a month, just because I enjoy being cuddled by its perfume. 

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