Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NeveCosmetics Flat Perfection

After many reflections, I got Flat Perfection. Again curiosity overcome! 
It is sold as a pressed powder foundation, finally a vegan alternative to loose foundation powders. I have nothing against loose powders, I've been using them for years and I'll keep on doing it, but pressed powders are much more handy as you can easily imagine! :) 

Is it a high coverage foundation? The name Perfection is kinda misleading unfortunately. It has a low coverage, nothing compared to their loose foundation powder. Perfection then doesn't refer to its covering abilities, but to its reflective properties. It contains Mica and Silica, which combined together are a perfect mix to disguise pores and probably even fine lines. I've been enjoying this product as a finishing powder, since it gives that extra perfecting finish and it controls oil during the day. So would I recommend it? Yes, as a foundation to those who have no spots to cover and as a finishing powder to everyone. I do think I'll come back over and over to this flatty in the future. Oh, if you are wondering, I use the shade Light Warm and for me it's perfect! 

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