Monday, April 28, 2014

Le Mascara Bio by Avril

Sincerely I've never found such a huge difference between average drugstore mascaras and natural ones. Avril mascara is the proof that you can pimp your eyelashes without damaging them and the environment. 

This one in particular has a natural finish, it separates your lashes very well and adds a bit of length (not volume though) with a layer. Oh, it doesn't clump (something I truly hate). I personally have itches after some hours wearing a regular mascara, but with this one I feel safe and I know that I won't find any dead lashes on the cotton pad while removing my make-up at night. 
The brush is classic, nothing too fanciful or extremely big, so it won't cause you troubles while applying it. 
I have been using it for 2 months and it has still the same consistency (halfway between dry and fluid:) 
so I guess it will easily last 3 months like regular mascaras. Once applied it lasts all day without smudging, even if it doesn't claim to be a supertechnological waterproof one! :) 
I like it, I would consider to purchase it again after trying others that I got to try out. I'm glad that always more organic brands are coming out with perfect solutions at affordable prices. Thank you! 

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