Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY Deo Roll-On: the Glorious 5 plus 1!

Such a strange title for a DIY, I recognize it. I just found a great recipe for an effective and delicate deodorant, without using alcohol or potassium aluminum. The latter is not a harsh ingredient, but it doesn't allow your skin to breath, because it is a very powerful astringent, so it doesn't let your skin expel the toxins trapped in your body as it should. I'll keep on using potassium aluminum without problems in 'special occasions', otherwise I'll stick with this more physiological version. By the way I've purchased two new deodorants, just to get inspired for future recipes; as soon as I try them out, I will let you know my opinion. 

Let's get into the recipe, found on Aroma-Zone and slightly changed: 

Here above you have the glorious 5, plus the mysterious 1 (plain demineralized water, she didn't want to take a photoshoot :) 

Recipe for 50 ml: 
- Aloe Vera Gel 37g 
- Demineralized water 10g 
- Gélisucre (emulsifier) 1g 
- Complexe Déodorant (antibacterial active) 1g
- Aqua'zen (fragrance) 16 drops
- Cosgard (preservative) 10 drops

On me it lasts perfectly all day and the fragrance chosen is perfect for a deodorant: fresh and subtle. The overall cost for this roll-on is 3€ more or less, wallet&environmental-friendly isn't it ;) 

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